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DK Before E-Mailing me please traverse my homepage maybe the answer you seek is already there.
If this is regarding DorCino please check the DorCino FAQ before sending e-mail.


If this message is regarding Dor-Cino for the subject please put CASINO: before the message title. EX: CASINO: Horse Racing Game Bug Report
When submitting Bug Reports for Dor-Cino in the message body please state your CASINO USERNAME, REAL NAME, DATE/TIME, DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM, and if available the HTML SOURCE CODE OF THE PAGE & PREVIOUS PAGE (PUSH BACK) OF THE ERROR.

For any other E-Mail please just try to be as descriptive as possible and provide enough details for me to help and/or get back to you.

When ready to send the E-Mail do it now to: DKRAMARC@DORCINO.COM
I have been swamped with E-Mail lately so please allow at least a week for a reply.

E-Mail address/info valid as of May 30,1996